Book kids classes in our neighborhood directly on our site now!
We have partnered with Sawyer, an App that connects parents and their children with providers of the best enriching childhood adventures, right in your neighborhood. You can now book drop-in classes, semesters, camps and more in Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, BoCoCa and Park Slope directly on BrooklynBridgeParents.com. You can conveniently [...]
Laying the Foundations for Success at BASIS Independent Brooklyn (sponsored)
At BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a PreK–12 private school, young learners develop and then grow the foundational skills and content knowledge needed to flourish inside and outside of the classroom. How? Through thematic, hands-on lessons, students build and uncover connections between the countless ideas, topics, and experiences they are exposed [...]
Meet DUMBO mom and Swoondle Society founder, Jennifer Zuklie
Meet Jennifer Zuklie, the founder of The Swoondle Society, an innovative, hassle-free solution to the “what should I do with all these clothes??” problem you likely face whenever your kids grow out of them — which is, oh, about every season.  Send your items to Swoondle and shop for [...]
Kids cooking class at Sociale restaurant in Brooklyn Heights
Sprouts Cooking Club will host Weekend Cooking Classes in local restaurants right alongside real chefs and using organic, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Their newest cooking class will be taking place at Sociale restaurant in Brooklyn Heights on Saturday, January 20th from 9:30am-12pm. Kids ages 7-12 are welcome to join in the kitchen alongside Chef Francesco as they learn the [...]
A look inside the Dock Street Pre-K Center in DUMBO
The Dock Street Pre-K Center located at 25 Dock Street in DUMBO is the only stand-alone Pre-K center in District 13 currently in its second year. The school has four classrooms with 18 students and two teachers in each classroom adding up to 72 students. School hours are 8.20 am to 2.40 pm with free breakfast and [...]
Police officers assigned to Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO
Officers John Condon and Donovan Hunt are the NCOs assigned to Brooklyn Heights, Officers Zeehan Taqi and David Gomez are assigned to DUMBO. They are present in the neighborhoods Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM. While these officers do not respond to 911 calls, they can be directly contacted by phone, email or [...]
New kids martial arts school Barolette Martial Arts in Vinegar Hill (sponsored)
This new martial arts program in DUMBO helps children to develop self-confidence, focus and discipline, in a safe, fun active and cooperative environment. Martial Arts is an individual self discovery. With each stripe and belt earned through martial arts techniques and self-defense, students strive to do better and improve and learn how to set goals for [...]
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Summer camp guide pop-up