A day at Success Academy in Cobble Hill starts between 7.25 am and 7.45 am for around 400 students in Kindergarten to Fourth Grade with a handshake by the principal at the door where all students are dropped off by their parents and guardians (no school busses available). The day ends at 3.45 pm four days a week and at 12.30 pm on Wednesdays when teachers spend the afternoon on professional development. Offsite after school programs are available for younger grades, and after school inhouse sports, chess, music and arts clubs are offered for the higher grades.

The school in Cobble Hill was founded 6 years ago and is co-located with a middle and high school in one building at 284 Baltic Street. Classes have up to 32 students with one to two teachers depending on grade and IEP’s of students.

The Charter School network that was founded in 2006 has developed its own curriculum but uses Common Core as a guideline. The Success Academy network with 46 schools in total outscores most public and Charter schools in the Common Core tests every year. At the Cobble Hill location¬†97% of “scholars” passed the Math and 92% the ELA tests in 2017.

“Scholars” in Kindergarten have science five days a week, which brings them up to over 100 hands-on science experiments at the end of Kindergarten. They also go to the “blocks room” daily where they “create increasingly complex structures, make decisions with their classmates about what to build and how to build it, and construct storylines about their structures.” Music, gym and arts take place once a week in the specific cluster rooms. Students have 30 minutes of recess every day. Breakfast, lunch, school supplies and field trips are free of charge. The one thing parents have to buy is the school uniform.

The school uses various class wide and school wide positive incentive programs “raffle tickets”, reward stickers, crown-wearing, class contents and many more as well as a “correction system” to reinforce character development, discipline, and respect for others.

Applications for the Fort Greene / District 13 and Cobble Hill / District 15 locations are open. They give preference to students residing in the District in the lottery. The only entry points into the K-12 Grade network are Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

If you are interested in finding out more about Charter Schools in our neighborhood, download our Charter School guide here.