The Dock Street Pre-K Center located at 25 Dock Street in DUMBO is the only stand-alone Pre-K center in District 13 currently in its second year. The school has four classrooms with 18 students and two teachers in each classroom adding up to 72 students.

School hours are 8.20 am to 2.40 pm with free breakfast and lunch in the classroom (nut-free school). Mats are provided to students for the daily 40 minutes of nap time in the classroom. The school has speech, occupational and physical therapists as well as a nurse on site. There is a movement room which students use at least twice a week depending on the weather. Recess takes place three times per week at the nearby pirate ship playground in Brooklyn Bridge Park as the school has no outdoor space.  There is no after school program on-site except for Spanish LANGO classes which are held only on Mondays from 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM.

A social studies cluster teacher as well as a Studio In The School arts teacher are on site once a week. Each classroom features a touch screen board. The school has a cooperation with Bank Street College for daily math which will continue through next school year.

The center gives priority to students living in District 13. You can apply for your child born in 2014 for free universal Pre-K starting February 5th. More information here. Tours at the Dock Street UPK center will take place on Tuesday mornings throughout January, email the site manager to RSVP for a tour.

We are hosting an info session for parents considering Pre-K and Kindergarten in public, private and Charter schools in our neighborhood on Tuesday 1/23/18. We will cover everything you need to about local zoned schools, un-zoned schools, Charter and private school options, application details and deadlines, waitlists, free universal Pre-K options, languages and dual language programs, G&T programs and more. Tickets here. To find out more about free universal Pre-K programs and private options in local preschools, download our exclusive preschool guide.

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