Katie Miles, founder of the domestic arts blogwww.lifeismadeblog.com and DUMBO mom, is hosting adult crafting nights at the Egg Playroom.

BYOB Stitch n’ Bitch, April 25, Thursday, 7pm-9pm, $10 with RSVP, $15 drop-in
Looking for a fun and productive night out? Want to make some new friends and pick up a crafting skill? You can bring your own knitting, sewing or embroidery project to work on or you can start an embroidery with supplies and guidance provided. Bring your drink of choice and your crafting spirit.

BYOB Learn to Applique, May 16, Thursday, 7pm-9pm , $15 with RSVP, $25 drop-in
Katie will teach you how to make appliqued onesies and canvas bags. Or, you can bring your own item to applique, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, a bib, the sky’s the limit! These will make great gifts for a new baby or a friend. We will be cutting shapes out of fun fabrics and ironing them onto our item and then finishing them with a stitch around the edge. No prior sewing experience necessary.

More information: http://lifeismadeblog.com/craft/2013/4/8/life-is-made-is-hosting-a-crafting-series-at-egg-playroom-in-dumbo-brooklyn http://www.egg-baby.com/life-is-made.html