The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) will initiate a 2-year pilot program this spring by devoting 100 on-street parking spaces across select North Brooklyn neighborhoods for the exclusive use of car share companies, including spaces in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, Boerum Hill and Park slope. The pilot will also operate citywide in a total of 15 neighborhoods.

Carshare companies typically provide either round-trip service, where members borrow and return vehicles at the same location (e.g. Zipcar and Enterprise Carshare), or one-way service, where members pick up a car at one location and drop it off at another within the company’s service zone (e.g. Car2Go and ReachNow).

Through the pilot, DOT believes the designated street locations will make shared cars more convenient and improve air quality. DOT’s goals are to provide affordable car access to residents so they do not need to own and maintain a car, enable existing car owners to sell or not replace their personal cars, and free up on-street parking for those who do need a personal car.

In Brooklyn Heights, there will be five two-car parking locations (10 spots total) at:

Pierrepont and Columbia Heights
Pineapple  and Columbia Heights
Hicks near Remsen
Clinton near Schermerhorn
Clinton near Atlantic Avenue

DOT will install signs at these locations and NYPD will ticket and tow private cars that park illegally in those spots.  CSOs can also relocate illegally-parked cars within a ½ mile radius and will be responsible for cleaning these spots.

Photo: ReachNow