City and Country School is currently accepting applications for Fall 2020 for its 2s–8th Grade program. C&C is located in the West Village, less than two blocks from the 14th Street transportation hub that includes the 1/2/3, L, F/M, A/C/E, and PATH trains. Apply today and schedule your visit. The application deadline for Fall 2020 is November 29, 2019. Email Elise Bauer, Director of Admissions, with any questions:

City and Country School, for children ages 2s–8th grade, is a historically significant progressive school founded in 1914 by pioneer educator Caroline Pratt. Lower School classrooms are equipped with ample space and an abundant supply of carefully chosen open-ended materials including paint, sand, clay, wood, water, and Pratt’s creation: wooden unit blocks, which are now used around the world. These materials, along with teachers who expertly guide their use, inspire creativity, cooperation, and independence. Math, reading, and writing are taught effectively in systematic and contextual ways. In 3rd–8th grade, C&C’s program emphasizes depth of learning and research skills as children engage in historical studies of our diverse world. Specials classes in Art, Technology, Library, Music, Rhythms, Science, Woodshop, Orchestra, and Spanish enable children to connect their scientific and artistic experiences with history, social justice, and culture. A hallmark is the Jobs Program: each grade has a job for the entire School community (running the post office, printing press, or school store, for example). Through their jobs, children solidify leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a powerful and practical context, as well as develop a deep sense of responsibility and resourcefulness. Our graduates are confident, creative thinkers with a true excitement for learning and the ability to collaborate and problem solve in any situation. Students are accepted to a wide range of high schools, and an extremely high percentage attend their school of choice.