Between 10/9 and 10/16, the Department of Education has conducted over 16,000 random tests on students and staff members in public schools, and only 28 tests have come back positive. 99% of the results were delivered within 48 hours.

A handful of schools in our neighborhoods have had COVID cases and had to shut down classrooms temporarily. Schools include:

  • Brooklyn Tech High School
  • PS 307 in Vinegar Hill
  • PS 287 in Downtown Brooklyn
  • PS 124 in South Slope

The map below (10/19/20) shows all known cases of COVID-19 at New York City public schools in District 13 and 15. It is updated daily Sunday through Friday at 6 PM. This information was compiled by the DOE COVID Response Situation Room—a multi-agency partnership between the Department of Education, Department of Health and Mental Health, and the Test & Trace Corps.