Andrea Loefke who has lived with her family in DUMBO for over 10 years is opening her solo exhibition “Homecoming” at Smack Mellon gallery on 92 Plymouth Street this Saturday. The exhibition will be open to the public Wednesdays to Sundays from 12 to 6 pm running from November 23 to January 5. Kids are welcome!

More about the exhibition:

“For many years my work has cycled in and around the themes of nature at large and on a more specific level, the extremes of weather. Having experienced the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, this subject matter has become an even more significant topic for me. With my site-specific installation Homecoming I have continued my exploration of nature through collecting, sampling, domesticating, enhancing, transforming and re-creating found objects.”

More about DUMBO mom Andrea:

Your job title: Artist and Adjunct Professor at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Your work in one sentence: I create installations and sculptures as well as works on paper.

What is creative about your work: I like to cultivate our human ability to fantasize, freely associate, create, and to allow an all-embracing experience.

Your children: Emmie, 3 years

Which street do you live on:  Old Fulton Street, across from Grimaldies Pizza

Best thing to do as a family in DUMBO: On a warm, early Sunday morning – pick up some fresh croissants and one jelly donut (there is plenty of jam in one donut to eat with all the other croissants!) and a freshly squeezed orange juice from Almondine and then sit at the waterfront at Pier 1. At that time it is still quite and the astonishing view, fresh air and open wide space is greatly invigorating for the whole family.

What do you love about living in DUMBO as a parent:  All our amazing parks and playgrounds and that I can meet friends on the street. There is also plenty of activities for children.