Andrea Soto, DUMBO mom of 2, realized that you have to make the most of the space you have. She developed the patent-pending storage beanbag with beans on top and storage on the bottom.  All unsightly clutter like bedding, soft toys or winter clothes is hidden inside while you sit on it or have the kids play with it. Available at

Read the full interview with Andrea, creative DUMBO mom:

Your job title: Founder mimish (products for kids – solutions for parents)

Your work in one sentence: I create unique furniture products that help people organize their living spaces.

What is creative about your work: It is creative on many levels. First, I create products out of my own necessity. I have kids who leave clutter all around the apartment, and I needed to find solutions. Also, branding and marketing in the internet age is extremely creative. There are so many different ways you can reach people these days. Figuring out how to best present my products to the public is a fun challenge I look forward to every day.

Your children: Girl 3 and boy 6

Which street do you live on: Water St. by the CHOCOLATE STORE!!!

Best thing to do with kids in DUMBO: Picnics and bike riding in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

What do you love about living in DUMBO as a parent: There’s a great community of talented and motivated parents living here. It’s very easy to meet other families throughout the year.

What needs improvement in DUMBO for families: A full service market like Fairway or Whole Foods would be great. Also, more parking options.

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