AltSchool runs lab schools serving pre-K through 8th-grade students throughout New York City. They opened the Brooklyn Heights lower school in 2015, the East Village lower school in 2016, and the Union Square middle school in 2017. Their personalized, whole-child approach to education prepares students to navigate their way in a rapidly changing world.

AltSchool Brooklyn Heights, located at 212 Hicks Street, offers pre-K through 4th grade in a small, community-based campus of approximately 60 students. Multi-age programs challenge and support students at their individual level of knowledge and skills. This keeps students engaged by empowering them to progress at their own pace.

AltSchool educators engage students through a personalized experience that inspires them to take initiative and demonstrate agency in their own learning. By organizing learning units into projects, AltSchool educators create dynamic opportunities for personalizing learning for every student, while ensuring that students engage in foundational skills across history, math, and English language arts.

In partnership with AltSchool’s technology and design teams, AltSchool educators have created a platform to support environments that are centered around the student. The platform superpowers an educator’s ability to document and understand how each student learns best, and enables educators to assess and track standards-based progress. Through the application of technology, the portrait of each learner becomes richer over time, enabling even deeper personalization.

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AltSchool Brooklyn Heights Open House: 10/17

AltSchool Brooklyn Heights Open House: 11/14