A nature based Montessori preschool will open up at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park in winter 2020. wBees Montessori is an AMS affiliated Montessori preschool with roots as an outdoor learning forest school. It will bring nature into classrooms and children into nature with a 3 hour Montessori work cycle balanced by 1 1/2 hours of foresting and exploring at the Marsh Garden and the different villages at Pier 6.

The school is taking over one of the commercial spaces on the first floor of The Landing at 15 Bridge Park Drive, one of the glass towers at Pier 6. They will have two toddler classrooms for 2’s and two primary mixed-age classrooms for children 3 to 5 in the 2,500 sq ft space. The tuition for five days from 8:30 – 3pm is $30,500. Early day and extended day options as well as partial-week options are available. The preschool is slated to open in late 2020. Find out more here.