280,000 students (26%) are attending public school in person currently which is much less than originally indicated and a lot more kids could attend blended learning, according to the Mayor. During a press conference this week De Blasio announced that there will be only one deadline to opt in to in-person learning this school year and not various opt-in dates as originally planned. Additionally, the school chancellor has shared an updated grading policy.

Opt-in period for blended learning:

  • One open enrollment period from Monday, November 2 through Sunday, November 15, where families will have the option to fill out a form indicating their wish to change learning preferences. Students who change from remote to blended will begin in-person between the weeks of November 30 and December 7, and will be informed by their school their start date and schedule.
  • If the situation around COVID-19 changes substantially, there might be modifications in the future but for now the plan is to have only this one opt-in period for blended learning this school year
  • Families can always go back to fully remote learning at any time during the school year

Grading policies for the 20/21 school year:

  • Families will have flexibility in determining how passing final grades are reflected on student records. This is an option for families who prefer to have their child’s performance reflected more generally (such as “Pass” instead of a numerical grade) as they continue to adapt to blended and remote learning.
  • Most elementary schools in Brooklyn use 1-4 performance levels, schools will use “needs improvement” instead of 1 or 2 this school year
  • While students must continue to participate in remote and blended learning each day, attendance will not be a factor in student grades.