The annex of PS 32 is complete and will be open for this school year. The school’s main office will now be located in the new building, along with the library and cafeteria. Students in Pre-K and K will have a bathroom in each of their classrooms and all of the classrooms have water fountains and sinks. The school’s annex is connected to the existing building, has capacity for 400 students and features a rooftop playground.

The school building ventilation inspections are done and you can see the report for your school here. According to the DOE ventilation in more than 95 percent of classrooms is in good working order. Out of the 64,000 classrooms they surveyed, fewer than 3,000 had issues which are being addressed or classrooms will not being used.

School bus services will be available to all students who need it from the first day of school 9/21. The DOE will offer 100,000 school bus seats, working with 60 bus companies where mandatory masks and social distancing will be required for kids and drivers. Buses will be cleaned nightly and bus companies will receive the PPE they need. Families will get notified until 9/11 for their children’s bus route.

The free childcare program Learning Bridges for students on days when they are not in school will be offered to students in preschool through 8th grade. They will start with 30,000 kids in September for essential workers, teachers and school staff, NYCHA residents and low-income families in neighborhoods impacted by COVID-19 and plan to go up to 100,000 by December. The program will offer homework help, arts, STEM, outdoor activities, free snacks and meals and more.

As of 9/9, 61% of families have chosen blended learning and 39% remote learning.