Meet Dr. Stephanie Shaps, board certified pediatrician, Brooklyn Heights mom and new pediatrician at Leaf Medical in DUMBO!

Did you grow up in Brooklyn:   I was born here and am a proud Brooklynite! It has been amazing to witness all the wonderful changes that Brooklyn has been undergoing. After completing my undergraduate degree in Human Development at Cornell University, I relocated to Manhattan to complete my medical training at NYU Medical School and New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell. After my training, and after exploring medical care in other parts of the US and abroad, my husband and I chose to put down roots in Brooklyn Heights where we could raise our growing family and find a place we could call home.

My Children: I have two curious and fun kiddos that definitely keep me on my toes! My daughter, Lolo, is a precocious 5 year old who attends PS 8 for kindergarten. As a mother, I am so amazed at how fast she has grown and the new skills she acquires each day. My son, Max, we call him Mackie, is putting the “terrible” in “terrible twos”! Being a mother and a pediatrician has really helped me empathize with parents and their concerns – I usually have the same ones myself. I mean it when I say I am right there in the parenting trenches with you!

Best thing to do with kids in Brooklyn Heights: Honestly, my kids truly love going to Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO! But some of our most precious moments happen right outside our doorstep. Brooklyn Heights is charming in that way, with its brownstone homes, tree-lined streets, and kids everywhere! An adorable custom that my kids do with their dad every Saturday morning is walk down to Montague street, get bagels at Montague St Bagels and sit outside on the building steps, greeting and talking to walkers by. The neighborhood is super kid-friendly and my kids are not shy! So if you are ever out on a Saturday morning, you may find my husband and kids eating bagels on someone’s doorstep. Don’t be a stranger and don’t forget to say hello! Also, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO have several awesome parks and playgrounds to bring the kids including the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pierrepont playground, and Harry Chapin playground.

What do you love about living in Brooklyn Heights as a parent: Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO are special places because they have such a sense of community among neighbors, friends and even strangers! As an active community member and now as the proud first pediatrician in DUMBO, I want to play a bigger role in bringing high quality health care to the forefront. I think that knowledge through education and prevention is the key to good health and longevity, which is why all of us at Leaf Medical are reaching out to the community with educational programs, health columns, and connecting with local businesses to provide a new health experience to our patients. For example, I just started a new program called the Expectant Mom’s Group where I hope to bring moms together to build relationships with one another and myself and where I can provide information on what to expect after your bundle of joy arrives! For more information on the group please visit: . We will also be launching a Pediatric CPR class soon to inform patients as to how to approach emergencies at home. So stay tuned!

What made you become a pediatrician: As a child, I grew up surrounded by medicine. My father is a physician and I learned to appreciate his skills, bedside manner, approach to people and it made me want to pursue medicine as a career. It was always a part of my life. I knew I wanted to be a physician because I always understood that building relationships with others was something I enjoyed. Being in a position where I could educate them about their health and help keep them healthy was an added bonus. The best part about my last 12 years of experience in pediatrics, is that I am able to see my patients grow up in a way, that very few people have the opportunity to witness. To me, that is very rewarding.

Summary of the pediatric services at Leaf Medical: In addition to the typical services that you will find at most quality pediatric offices, Leaf Medical goes beyond patient expectations by providing a state of the art facility with little to no wait time, longer visits with your doctor, free classes, and on site laboratory screening (including immediate bilirubin and hemoglobin results, rapid strep and flu testing, and in office venipuncture when necessary). Our goal is to make the entire process easy and efficient for you and your family.

Why parents should choose Leaf Medical: I think that Leaf Medical offers a different patient experience that few offices can provide. As a parent, I know firsthand that the health and well being of your child is of the utmost importance. Here at Leaf Medical in DUMBO, we truly do care about you and your child and want to make taking care of your child’s health as seamless as possible. We treat your family as a whole and all of our providers are here to educate and support you on your road to a long and healthy life.

The pediatrician, internist and gynecologist at Leaf Medical accept over 100 insurances. For more information: