Alessio Follone, originally a fisherman from Southern Italy, fell in love with a woman from New York, moved to Brooklyn and started a business here using fresh local fish and his family’s recipes. Find out more about his passion for fish, his new booth at Smorgasburg and his life in DUMBO.

Your job title: Artisanal Sea-Food Vendor at Smorgasburg Pier 5 and Fisherman back home in Salina in Italy.

Your work in one sentence: I make people fall in love with fish.

What is creative about your work: I make people love fish in it’s simplicity. Especially children. The name of my business, CA’PISCI, refers to a term in Sicilian dialect which has two meanings. “CA’PISCI” declares: Here Is Fish. “CA’PISCI” also poses the question: Do You Understand? I seek to do both, by presenting epicurean delights from the sea, Eolian style, in a way that makes people understand what it’s really all about… the finest simple ingredients that complement each other, coupled with a time-tested technique that travels across generations and continents.

Your children: Gabriele (boy, 5) and Amelie (girl, 3)

Which street do you live on: Jay Street

Best thing to do with kids in DUMBO: Build boats with wood and other things that wash up on the beach.

What do you love about living in DUMBO as a parent: It’s chill, close to the river, and the views of the city and bridges are spectacular. Love the park, and the few but great shops and restaurants.

What needs improvement in DUMBO for families: The streets and the noise from the trains.

More info about yourself: Find out more about me and CA’PISCI at Come experience CA’PISCI at Smorgasburg Sundays at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park where you can enjoy grilled fisherman’s skewers and more.