Meet Jennifer Zuklie, the founder of The Swoondle Society, an innovative, hassle-free solution to the “what should I do with all these clothes??” problem you likely face whenever your kids grow out of them — which is, oh, about every season.  Send your items to Swoondle and shop for the next size, season, gender or style you want!

Your job title: Founder & CEO, The Swoondle Society

Your work in one sentence: I make the de-cluttering and shopping for your children more satisfying, value-add and eco-friendly.

Your child/children: 2 children (Vivienne, 4.5 years and Xander, 2.5 years)

What street do you live on: Main Street

What do you enjoy doing with your children in DUMBO: We love the park (of course), all the interesting class options and family time under the Archway.

What do you love about DUMBO:  I love that DUMBO is its own little enclave.  It’s a self-contained little spot where you can walk around and know your neighbors.

What needs improvement in DUMBO: I really miss the Women’s clothing stores.

More information about your company: As a member of The Swoondle Society, once you send in your kid’s clothing (for free!), we value those items, giving you Trading Credits to be used towards the clothes you want.  Start browsing for the outfits, shoes and accessories you need. Use Trading Credits to “buy” those good-looking threads. Then count the days until your Swoondle goodies arrive.

It’s Easy!

  • You don’t have to describe, photograph or price anything. No haggling or strangers coming to your home for pick up.
  • You just clean out your closet, storage and shop!

Tremendous Value

  • With consignment you get 30-60% of the current used value of your items. That’s not even enough to “buy back” the exact same item!
  • At Swoondle, we are all about comparable trades. The level you send is the level you receive is the level the item will trade for. Send great stuff? You will get great stuff.

Socially Responsible

  • Swoondle keeps clothes out of landfills. The most earth-conscious option is re-use, then recycle.
  • Don’t want to use your trades yourself? Donate them to one of our partner charities or give them to friends & family.

Start Swoondling – request a welcome kit. Brooklyn Bridge Parents readers get 10% discount —  use referral code: 34DOQH.