New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced that it will be advancing development of Downtown Brooklyn’s Willoughby Square Park. Located on Willoughby Street between Duffield and Gold Streets, NYCEDC anticipates beginning construction on the 1.15-acre site in 2020 with completion expected by 2022. The previous proposal involved a financially unfeasible underground garage whose rampways will now be converted into useable green space.

The site will feature 1.15 acres of green open space and new community amenities for the area, along with a permanent public artwork commemorating the abolitionist history of the neighborhood. NYCEDC plans to open a portion of the site this summer for use by the local community while the design and development plan is being finalized.

Willoughby Square is one of a series of more than $100 million in public investments in open space and infrastructure commitments made under the Downtown Brooklyn Redevelopment Plan in 2004. Plans for this new park which is estimated to cost $15 million to build promised nearly 15 years ago may finally be moving forward!