Esra Yalcin, DUMBO mom of an 18 month old girl, has set up a new Yahoo group for parents in DUMBO called DumboMoms (note: dads are allowed in too). The existing DUMBO Parents Yahoo Group seems to be unmoderated for quite some time. To subscribe to this new free service for parents, email

Dumbomoms Yahoo Group is a free network of local parents residing in DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, and Brooklyn Heights (and the surrounding) neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.

The group’s mission is to establish community and communication amongst DUMBO’s families and to provide our children with opportunities in which to play, cultivate friendships and establish their roots. The group is a forum for the exchange of information about parenting and community issues. Parents actively discuss hot topics, arrange playgroups, share activity ideas, find and sell items, discuss childcare and more. The group offers free online support and information & low cost social events and activities for infants, toddlers and their families.

The group participates in an active online message board used for sharing information, seeking advice and on which lively discussions on issues pertinent to parenthood, relationships, health and child development take place.

Once you are approved, you can send emails to