It’s never been a better time to visit Open House Nursery School, now taking requests for tours for 2018/19 admissions & this year’s Ready, Set, Twos! (our two-afternoon twos and caregiver program).

Families who request a tour for next year’s admissions before November 15 will be given a tour date.  After November 15, tours will be scheduled as the school has availability.

In keeping with its progressive educational philosophy, Open House Nursery School is an open door to young children and their families. No screening, interview, or formal application determines admission. All that is required is interest, as established by taking a tour, filling out a brief application form, and paying an application fee of $100.  If the school has more applications than openings, it conducts a lottery. Last admissions season, however, nearly every family who wanted to attend Open House was able to. Our Ready, Set, Twos program is a thoughtful way to introduce your two-year-old to preschool and to experience Open House this year, and the program runs in two terms from November to March.

For nearly 50 years, Open House has been providing nurturing and lively early childhood programs to children between the ages of 2.5 and 5 years old.  Our school, which has six classrooms and a sunny, enclosed rooftop playground, was specifically designed with young children in mind.  We offer highly flexible scheduling, with extended days so that families may create programs that best suit their needs.

Interested families can learn more about Open House here.  Click here to request a tour date.