For this school year 2014/2015, all children zoned for PS 8 have been accepted for kindergarten. There are 6 kindergarten classrooms with approximate 23-24 children per class this year.  All children zoned for PS 8 joining older grades (1st grade and up) have also been accepted. In general, PS 8 has admitted all in-zone children in the past, though a few families may have had to endure a wait-list if they registered after the pre-registration deadline. However, PS 8 does not have the space to continue offering 6 kindergarten classes AND carry through this amount of students through all grades.

At this point, there is no rezoning planed for PS 8 by the DOE. Consideration is being given by the DOE to limit the next year’s kindergarten grade to 5 classes with no more than 25 children per class. If this happens and the kindergarten registration numbers trend the same, 5-10 in-zone children may be offered alternate placements. “Over-aged” children and children registered after the official deadline, would be affected first. Beyond that, a lottery would take place.  The PTA is working on an advocacy strategy to get this issue in front of public officials and decision-makers, especially as those officials consider approving new residential development within the zone.

Source: PS 8 PTA October 2014