The Department of Education has taken the decision to limit the amount of Kindergarten classes to 5 in school year 2015/2016 to address the overcrowding issue of the school. The school currently works at 142% capacity.* For the first time, PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights will not have a spot for all in-zone Kindergarten children. Only 125 kids will be accepted – each class will have 25 kids. The school has 207 in-zone applications for Kindergarten as of now. Children with older siblings at PS 8 will have priority. The rest of the spots will be assigned by a lottery and parents will be notified early April. The remaining 82 kids will be put on a wait list and offered placements at other schools. Spots on the wait list which will free up due to withdrawal will also be assigned by a lottery. We have no insight yet which schools kids will be assigned to if parents haven’t put down further choices on their application. The school estimates that around 30 children will end up with alternate placements after the usual rate of attrition. Stay tuned for more details!

*Source: DOE Utilization Profiles

Photo: Brooklyn Paper