Public middle schools are opening for in-person learning on Thursday, February 25th after over 3 months of closure. All schools will have 20 percent of students and staff randomly tested on a weekly basis. Many schools will be able to offer in-person instruction 5 days a week for those students that opted in for in-person learning. The rest of the schools will offer hybrid learning models with some days in school and some days online just like public elementary schools.

Tests to enter the Gifted & Talented program this fall will NOT be administered, instead families and educators will help identify students currently in Pre-K for accelerated learning. Starting March 8, you can submit a form to express interest in kindergarten G&T programs for your child.

  • For children currently enrolled in pre-K programs: Once you have submitted an interest form, educators from your family’s pre-K school or program will then complete a questionnaire to determine if your child is eligible to apply for a G&T seat.
  • For children NOT enrolled in pre-K programs: Once you have submitted an interest form for your child, the DOE’s Early Childhood Team will complete this questionnaire based on a short remote interview.

Beginning in mid-May, the DOE will notify all families who submitted an interest form whether or not their child is eligible to be considered for admission to G&T programs this year. If there are more applicants than seats available within any priority group, offers will be made within that group according to applicants’ randomly assigned numbers, as in a lottery. Find out more here.

It will be the last time children entering Kindergarten can apply for G&T programs as the city plans for a wider approach reaching many more talented kids in the public school system. Students entering the G&T program this fall will be able to finish the program. The Department of Education is working on a more individualized learning plan with digital components for all students for next school year and a more equitable school system.

About 30,000 teachers in New York City have been vaccinated as of 2/24/21.