During the daily press briefing, Mayor de Blasio talked further about the reopening of schools on Thursday, September 10th:

  • We are planning for the maximum amount of students in school buildings with social distancing in place in September
  • Most educators and most parents want their kids to come back to in person learning
  • Of course we will have to have options, not only different levels of remote learning
  • We are working out schedules for overcrowded schools. Overcrowded schools can only handle a certain amount of students, so we are considering gym and auditorium spaces to use as classroom space. We will also use every available option for staggering schedules where needed
  • Under-crowded schools might need less adjustments to handle their students in the building with social distancing in place
  • One day there will be a vaccine and that day we will go back to 100% of students in the classroom

Some principals have already presented split schedule considerations to their families which would look like classes being divided into two groups, attending school in 2.5 day (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and every other week Friday) or 5 day rotations (one week on-site, one week off-site). School every three days? That could be the new reality of in-person learning in NYC. Read more on Chalkbeat here.

Photo: PS 307