Parents, residents, small business owners, and more showing their support — and we’re counting down to June 22!

By April Somboun, Candidate, NYC Council District 33

There are countless reasons I’m running for City Council in Brooklyn’s District 33. But, when I take a step back, they all ladder up to one theme: ensuring a better future for every single resident in this dynamic community. 

I’m a mom with two young kids in our local public school system and, from this perspective, it’s impossible not to think about the future of our neighborhoods. My childhood was a complete departure from theirs. I was born in a refugee camp to a single mother. A Lao immigrant, she fled communism to give us a shot at the American Dream. In taking this incredible risk she taught us all about driving change — about recognizing the need and taking action. 

I’ve carried that drive for change with me throughout my entire journey with an eye on how I can be a positive force in my own family and my extended community. And that’s brought me here, in the days leading up to New York City Council primaries, with the incredible MOM-entum from parents and other residents in the community. Because they know when moms get elected to public office legislative priorities change — and we need those changes right now. 

All of this underscores my Contract with District 33, the commitments I’m making to each and every one of my constituents going into this election. They’re lofty goals but we’re coming to the table with clear-cut, achievable plans in place to get the job done. That starts with, again, looking forward, including four key pillars that will ensure the future all residents deserve. 

Pillar 1: Holding the Department of Education accountable for our kids’ education — and well being 

These last 15 months shined a big, bright light on the inequities in our school system — and that can’t continue. I’m committed to ensuring appropriate funding for PPE, rapid testing, and the connection and communication tools students need to keep learning. That means: 

  • Funds for modern ventilation systems 
  • Safe outdoor spaces for learning and recess 
  • Access to tools and technology for remote and hybrid learning 
  • Broadband services for all students and families — no student should lag behind because they don’t have the right technology or internet access.

Pillar 2: Ensuring high-quality, affordable childcare is readily available 

No one should have to choose between caring for their children and paying rent. As a member of City Council I will be laser-focused on partnering with nonprofits to expand our subsidized and free daycare and after-school enrichment programs. In doing this, we’ll: 

  • Grow the economy by getting more kids into professional care and more parents back to work 
  • Provide a safe place for kids when they aren’t in school or at home

Pillar 3: Helping moms and dads get back into the workforce

Once schools are fully reopened and affordable childcare course-corrects, we’ll be able to take critical next steps to help those parents gain their own MOM-entum and get back to work. As a champion for this essential change, I will: 

  • Be an unrelenting advocate for fair wages and small business support
  • Work with the food service industry to devise plans for year-round outdoor dining 
  • Curb nuisance fees and wait times for prospective new business owners 
  • Advocate for commercial rent relief for storefront businesses

Pillar 4: Restore our parks and playgrounds

If you have kids, you know what a positive beacon parks were during the peak of the pandemic. But we can do so much more — and I will.

Within City Council I will be a prominent voice for our parks, with an eye on: 

  • Restoring park budgets 
  • Ensuring year-round maintenance 
  • Creating and expanding programming, including concerts, movies, festivals, and more 
  • Reducing litter and adding bathrooms 

We can’t wait for another bump in the road to inspire us to demand better. Now is the time to stand up and demand better — to demand a voice in all that comes in community and our city.  

I’m April Somboun and I was Made for Brooklyn — now I want to be that voice. On June 22 be part of this powerful MOM-entum and VOTE. With your support we can make history by electing the first woman and mom to represent District 33.

More importantly, your vote will help us move forward together. Because this moment in time matters. Our shared future matters. And we can’t be silent for another minute. We need to harness this power and take the MOM-entum all the way to City Hall. And, with this powerful groundswell.