The lower school at PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights, with Patricia Peterson as new principal in place and a smaller school zone in its 2nd year, will not have a Kindergarten wait list for the 2018/2019 school year according to the principal. They had to wait list 22 in-zone students and turn down approx. 18 of them last school year due to the overcrowding at the school. Here are the key news of PS 8:

  • 5th Grade has been departmentalized this school year. 5th Graders now have one STEM teacher (science, technology, engineering and math) and one humanities teacher (English language arts and social studies) with no main classroom teacher anymore.
  • The school has a new full time dance teacher this school year. Grades Kindergarten to 4th participate in weekly dance lessons.
  • The principal shared at an open house that she does not expect a wait list for Kindergarten for the school year 2018/2019 for families who have applied online on time. Kindergarten offer letters will be sent out latest in the 3rd week of March and she expects all in-zone students to receive an offer letter for Kindergarten.
  • Families that were wait-listed last year for Kindergarten can register their children for 1st Grade now. All families living in the zone will be able to register their children for 1st Grade and up directly with the parent coordinator at the school.
  • After the rezoning, the school has been able to regain cluster rooms for all subjects including music, drama, dance and the arts.

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