Community Roots Charter School is a District 13 Charter school serving students in Grades K to 8 with an elementary school co-located with PS 67 at 51 Saint Edwards Street and a middle school co-located with PS 287 at 50 Navy Street. The school has been founded 14 years ago and now has 475 students enrolled in its tuition-free elementary and middle school.

The elementary schools serves 312 students exclusively in “ICT classrooms” with children with special needs alongside with children without special needs which are co-taught by a general education teacher and a special education teacher. With 26 students in a classroom and a student teacher ratio of 13:1, the school conducts extensive small group work during the day. With the integration of the Universal Design for Learning framework the school has also committed to removing barriers for kids so they can all learn and have all learners being successful.

As a research social studies based school, there is a strong social studies content to the curriculum focusing on family, social justice, diversity, government, inclusivity and much more. Students go on monthly field trips with overnight field trips starting in 3rd Grade.

Students have science, art, music and physical education 1 to 2 times per week as well as African Dance half of the school year. Occupational, speech and physical therapists are onsite as well as reading and languages specialists. Students go outside daily to recess in every weather (any temperature) unless it is wet. School hours are 8.10 am to 3.45 pm with a free after school program until 6 pm Tuesdays to Fridays.

The lottery application for Kindergarten for children born in 2015 is open until April 1st, 2020. Siblings and children of staff members have admissions priority. As a diverse by design school, 40% of the seats are put into a lottery for families living in poverty. Then, all left over applications from District 13 participate in the lottery which will take place on April 6th, 2020. Wait lists are not rolled over after April, hence you need to re-apply every year for a spot throughout elementary school or middle school. Apply here!

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