School consulting for Brooklyn parents

We offer school consulting for families in Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene and BoCoCa who consider preschool and elementary school in our neighborhood. We offer private sessions for families and public school talks covering:

  • Local preschools & daycares
  • Local public schools (zoned and non-zoned)
  • Local Charter schools
  • Local private schools

Public talks about preschool and daycare

In these info sessions for families considering preschool and daycare in our neighborhood we cover everything you need to know about local preschools and daycares, programs, application details and deadlines, waitlists, free universal Pre-K options, languages and more.

Info sessions are 2 hours long and cost $20 per participant (including a digital copy of our Preschool Guide $15 value).

There are no public talks about preschools and daycares planned currently. If you want to purchase the recording of our Preschool, 3K for All and UPK info session from October 2021, email us at

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Public talks about elementary school

In these info sessions for families considering Pre-K and Kindergarten in private, public and Charter schools in our neighborhood we cover everything you need to about local zoned schools, un-zoned schools, Charter and private school options, application details and deadlines, waitlists, free universal Pre-K options, 3K for All, languages and dual language programs and more. Info sessions are 2 hours long and cost $30 per participant (including digital copies of our Preschool and Charter School Guide $30 value).

Our next virtual public talk for parents with children born in 2017 or younger will take place on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 8 pm. This is a Zoom event. Tickets here.

Public talks about middle school

Brooklyn Bridge Parents has co-hosted a free virtual middle school fair with 10 private schools including The Avenues, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, BK Independent, Blue School, Hannah Senesh, German School Brooklyn, Leman Manhattan, Poly Prep, Williamsburg North and Workshop Middle School. Find out about middle school programs, academics, admissions, languages, financial aid and more in local independent schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We also provided a brief overview of districtwide, boroughwide and citywide public middle schools and Charter Schools. The event was geared towards parents with children born in 2011, listen to the free recording from 11/16/2021 here.

CEC 13 and District 13’s public middle schools invite parents with current 5th grade students to a free virtual middle school fair. Hear about the admissions process from an Office of Enrollment representative and meet all 9 principals from District 13 middle schools. Each principal will share an “Elevator Pitch” about their program, academics, languages, social-emotional learning and more. Afterwards, parents and prospective students will be invited to ask questions. The event will take place on Zoom on Monday, December 6th from 6.30 to 8 pm. The Zoom link will be sent out 60 minutes before the event starts. The event will be recorded and shared with families who cannot attend the live streaming. Free RSVP here.

Private sessions

For a two-hour individual consultation we can meet virtually, in your home, office or a quiet coffee shop. Each consultation includes a digital copy of our preschool guide ($15 value), Charter school guide ($15 value) and private school guide ($15 value).

We will provide personalized insight for:

  • Local private preschool options
  • Paid-for and free Pre-K options
  • The new 3K for All program
  • Insight into your zoned school and the District you are zoned for
  • The difference between private, public and Charter schools
  • Kindergarten & elementary school in zoned public schools
  • Kindergarten & elementary school in un-zoned “choice” public schools
  • How to rank schools in your public school application for Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten & elementary school in local Charter schools
  • New York State test results of local public and Charter schools
  • Private school options
  • Languages and Dual Language programs at local schools
  • Application deadlines

Email or call 917-592-8858 for pricing and to schedule a consultation.

What parents are saying:

“I just attended your info session tonight and wanted to say how wonderful it was. You have a mastery of a very challenging  and complicated process , and did a fantastic job at  presenting a clear approach to neophytes such as myself.” Seth P. – Clinton Hill

“I must admit, I was dreading Tuesday’s presentation, but of course I felt it necessary so that I could understand the system. Your presentation, however, was really engaging and encouraging! I also especially enjoyed your remarks about embracing the amazing diversity NYC offers. All of your information was truly helpful and the experience has set my mind at ease.” Sara T. – Brooklyn Heights

“Many thanks again for your help with navigating all of this. You’ve saved us so much time and energy! We definitely feel much better moving forward!” Jennifer H.” – Cobble Hill

“My wife and I found the presentation so helpful. You did an impressive job, synthesizing the info, simplifying it, and making it engaging too! Not easy.” – Heidi T.-W. – Downtown Brooklyn parent

“I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic session yesterday. You helped distill what can be a very anxiety-filled process into the key takeaways parents need to know. Even though our daughter has only just turned 2, I’m very glad we’re now prepared with all of this info. I’ll be sure to recommend you to other parents in the neighborhood.” – Caroline Z. – DUMBO, Brooklyn parent

“Your presentation was so informative and interesting last night. I now have a few more schools on my list to tour.” Rachel A. – Brooklyn Heights parent

“I found the presentation to be extremely informative and helpful. Thank you for organizing it and these guides.” Greg M. – DUMBO, Brooklyn parent

“Your knowledge on Brooklyn schools is very impressive and you laid it out in an easy to follow format. It definitely provided clarity on a “mysterious” process. I’ll recommend your session to others in my building with young kids.” Agaja R. – Downtown Brooklyn parent

“It was a really good introduction to the application process, different options with regards to pre-k and kindergarten, and school overview. For me, one of the best parts was your insider take on each of the schools.” Saul L. – DUMBO parent

“The balance of Q&A and information you gave us was excellent and we covered so much in 2 hours. You did this in a relaxed setting – I was bracing myself for an intense environment of crazy Brooklyn parents and it was the total opposite. The session has had a direct impact on my choices for my son, so I’m very grateful for that.” Olly J. – Downtown Brooklyn parent

Super informative and exactly what we were hoping for! This was the best overview and introduction I’ve heard, you made a complex and daunting landscape appear much more navigable and open. We are a British couple with 3 young kids, 2 born in BK, and it was great to know that the whole scenario really is as maddeningly different from back home in Europe as we thought – it’s not just us! – but also that you can find a way through it all and stay sane.” Toby S. – DUMBO Parent

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