Public schools will switch to a remote learning model for all students except the children of essential workers and the most vulnerable children on Monday 3/23 during the coronavirus outbreak. The Department of Education had one week to prepare the largest school system in the country with 1.1M students in this unprecedented situation for virtual learning for students in Grades Pre-K to 12.

Here is what we know so far:

  • The Department of Education is distributing Wifi enabled computers to students in need
  • The school chancellor outlined that parents can but do not have to be involved in this new learning experience
  • The days will be structured in a way that main content areas including math, reading & writing, social studies and science will be covered
  • Google Classroom and Zoom will be the platforms used for all students
  • Teachers will share video messages with instructional content
  • Classroom meetings with teachers will also take place Zoom.cpm
  • Students will use digital learning platforms including enVisions2.0 for Math, KhanAcademy, Focabulary, RAZ Kids for reading
  • Students will take virtual school trips
  • Special plans for students with disabilities will be developed including virtual speech therapy
  • 3rd Grade example: There will be 4 lessons per day, each lesson approx. 30 – 45 minutes long plus two daily classroom meetings of each 30 minutes
  • Specialty teachers will have their own Google classrooms
  • Attendance will be taken when students log-in Google Classrooms

Photo: KhanAcademy