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Forth Trimester Workshop for Brooklyn parents (sponsored)

Congrats to all the expectant parents out there! The arrival of your beautiful baby will be met with a large amount of joy and…well, at least a little bit of stress. I am Kelli Cavaliere, a local mom of 2 and a therapist specializing in perinatal mental health and couples therapy. Having seen many couples have a hard time with this period, I created a virtual workshop to help parents navigate the fourth trimester with confidence. The workshop starts September 13.

During the first few days, weeks, and months after birth, couples often struggle with:

  • Adjusting to the newborn schedule (or lack thereof)
  • Managing mental wellbeing
  • Staying connected as a couple
None of these struggles are uncommon, but few of us think to prepare for them beforehand.
You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of what’s to come, as well as a structured Fourth Trimester Support Plan that will get you and your partner as ready as you can be for the months after your child is born. With these tools in hand you’ll be well-prepared to handle the crazy and beautiful time ahead.
If you are ready to dive right in, click here to register for a workshop that is before your due date. If you do not see a date that works for you, or if you have other questions, contact me at

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Kelli Cavaliere, LCSW, PMH-C
Licensed in NY and CT
26 Court Street, Brooklyn
(856) 521-3328