Over a decade ago I received a call for a Caterina while she was visiting New York . She was in need of an apartment for her and her friend to stay in for the tail end of her visit. Remembering my background in real estate she thought of me, and given that I had never stopped thinking about her since the moment we met, I was overjoyed to get the call. It was one of those things that you just know, I knew at least, that we were meant to be. Fast forward to present, two amazing daughters and an ever blossoming marriage, we certainly are blessed to have found each other! 

Of all the gifts she has bestowed upon me, the gift of Design has deepened my understanding and influenced my approach to my work as a real estate broker and developer of our properties. Caterina is from Torino where design is literally in the fabric of society. What I learned from her is that design is not an object or a style, it is the curation of space and the experience that we have interacting with our surroundings. Armed with this new understanding, and with her abounding talents as a designer, over six some years ago we launched a new “design to sell” offering which elevates the service to our seller clients, and maximizes the return on investment for their properties. By leveraging Caterina’s talents as an interior designer, we transformed countless homes with minimal investment in decluttering, contracting, and physical staging which when combined with my marketing campaigns time and again beat the comparable listings in value and time on market. We knew we had the golden goose in our field and picked up a lot of momentum, but were awaiting proof of concept, which didn’t arrive till 2016 when I was awarded the Deal of the Year from the Real Estate Board of New York for a sale we collaborated on. 104 W 13th street in Greenwich village was a complex transaction that started out with a design concept and luxury staging proposal and finished with a visit to the podium at the REBNY annual gala. 

Now backed by Compass, our “design to sell” strategies can be applied to homes with $0 out of pocket fees. As such our clients can elevate the value of their homes and realize that return without coming out of pocket for the services. Compass Concierge offers 0% interest loans that a seller can take should they desire to fix up their home prior to selling, no hidden fees. You can check out my Compass Concierge page Here


Peter Michael Riolo

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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