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New investments in cleanliness of our streets – how neighbors can help report issues in our neighborhoods

Beginning Tuesday July 5, Alternate-Side Parking Regulations for street cleaning will be restored to pre-pandemic frequency as posted on the signage throughout the City. New Yorkers will once again move their cars to allow for the mechanical broom to do its job.

Additionally, these initiatives are underway:

  • $22M in new funding for litter basket service, baskets to be emptied approximately 50,000 more times per week citywide
  • $7.5M for Precision Cleaning Initiatives – targeted work that addresses conditions like illegal dumping and persistent littering. Anyone who knows an area in need of precision cleaning is encouraged to call 311 or submit in 311 app.
  • $4.5 for cleaning of vacant lots
  • A five-borough pilot on containerization of waste, keeping bags of trash off the sidewalks
  • New equipment and staff for sweeping protected bike lanes at least once per week
  • Increased enforcement against illegal dumping

Call 311 or submit in the 311 App especially for the following sections in our neighborhoods:

  • Brooklyn Bridge exit near Cadman Plaza
  • BQE underpass on Cadman at Hicks
  • Sidewalk between Vinegar Hill and Brooklyn Navy Yard