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The Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse opens to the public

The Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse, located at 145 Columbia Heights is a classic Greek Revival townhouse where 18 different designers have transformed the interiors on 5 floors and various outdoor spaces into something new and unique, blending old with new Brooklyn chic. You can visit the rooms (and gardens) one by one and take in each designer’s vision at your own time. The house is open to the public until October 30th, Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm. Ticket sales support the efforts of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

The house itself has a complicated history, with many owners and iterations. It was used as a rental dwelling when first built, became a one-family mansion soon after, a multi-family in the 1930s, and reverted again to single-family ownership in more recent times.

Tickets: purchase here, $40 general admission / $20 for students with valid ID

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