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Free live skateboard-theatre performances in Downtown Brooklyn

A Skate Play is inspired by Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a novella published in 1970 that tells the story of Jonathan, a young, visionary and adventurous seagull, impassioned by the art of flight. Jonathan is up against all odds – his community banishes him and he goes on a powerful journey to learn the meaning of freedom, flight and limitlessness. The story asks each of us to let go of our limited ideas about ourselves and communities so that we may grow personally, spiritually and as a society.

A Skate Play, the latest presentation from the Downtown Brooklyn + Dumbo Art Fund socially engages youth in public skateparks worldwide. It was first performed in McCarren Skatepark, Brooklyn, NY in 2013 and then translated into Arabic for Skateqilya Skatepark in Jayyous, Palestine in 2018. Here is a teaser video from that production as well as a feature in Skateism Magazine.

Part of a global tour, A SKATE PLAY, is now showing live in Downtown Brooklyn at Golconda skate park from October 4 to 10. Free RSVP here.

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