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Brooklyn Preschool of Science – Where the teachers never run out of STEAM (sponsored)

Children’s views on science start early. And once they develop a positive or negative attitude, it tends to stubbornly remain the same. Positive experiences have been shown to contribute to future success in both school and life, so at Brooklyn Preschool of Science, we make science FUN and create an environment where your child’s sense of wonder is the star of the show.

Where the teachers never run out of STEAM.

Created specifically for 2-5 year olds, our integrated science-based curriculum embraces the principles of STEAM, fosters children’s innate curiosity, and provides a foundation for meaningful math, language, and literacy development.

Our classrooms have walls, but no boundaries.

Here, the path to learning is teeming with blue tongue skinks, crested geckos, and fiddler crabs, just to name a few. From the living wall of plants to the 300-gallon fish tanks to the robots and 3D printers, the Brooklyn Preschool of Science has been designed to stimulate, encourage, and foster the next generation of big thinkers.

One small step for parents. One giant leap for kid-kind.

Don’t wait. Schedule a private tour for Fall 2024 today and see for yourself that BPoS has children’s early education down to a science. E-mail, call (718) 344-4631, or visit to register your child or schedule a tour!

Where science is child’s play. 2023/24 registration is now open. 

COBBLE HILL 11 Wyckoff, Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-844-9699
PARK SLOPE 65 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-622-1203
BKLYN HEIGHTS 78 Amity St., Brooklyn, NY 11217 347-799-2682