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Kindergarten offers for public schools & waitlists in our neighborhoods

The Department of Education has sent out Kindergarten offer letters for children born in 2015. Families can log-in to their account online to see their child’s placement.

According to Chalkbeat, 205 students at 23 zoned schools were not admitted to their zoned school. PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights and PS 58 in Carroll Gardens have waitlists with in-zone students for school year 2020/21. PS 8 with 22 students on the waitlist has the 3rd highest waitlist in the five boroughs. Below is the history of waitlists from 2017 to 2020 in our neighborhood:

Your offer letter also includes information on how to accept your child’s offer, starting April 28. Due to Corona, families can accept their offer online this year, however you will have to register your child at school physically before the first day of school. If your child took the Gifted & Talented (G&T) test, you will get your test results in a separate letter.

For families who were waitlisted at their 1st choice:

  • Your child will be automatically added to the waitlist for any school you ranked higher on your application than the school where your child got an offer
  • Your waitlist number is available in your account this year which is new. You can also follow-up with the parent coordinator at the schools of your choice about your number on their wait list.
  • Be patient as there will be lots of movement on wait lists over the next few months and during the summer. G&T placements will come out, some families are undecided between Charter and public school, families will move or choose private schools.
  • Keep in mind that many schools in our neighborhood do not take out-of-zone students in general due to overcrowding including PS 8, PS 29 and PS 58. If you do not live in their school zone, they will not offer you a spot.
  • Charter school applications are separate and closed now.

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