The Lang School educates and inspires twice-exceptional (2e) children – high potential and gifted students with learning differences – by offering them a progressive, rigorous, classroom-based education with integrated, research-based supports and a robust Talent Development program. Whether your child struggles with planning or writing, is anxious or dyslexic, has a hard time sitting still or is trying to crack the social code, our master’s level gifted and special education teachers and small classes reignite a love for learning, nurture self esteem, and connect kids with peers who share their interests and learn at their level.

For most youngsters, the school years are about fitting in and adulthood is about standing out; for 2e children, though, standing out and specialization come early. At Lang, through the early nurturing of purpose, passion, strengths, and talent every day, this difference is not only recognized but celebrated.

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Grades: K-12

The Lang School

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