Tests to enter Gifted and Talented programs were held in January in the past, however the whole process has been delayed this school year due to the pandemic. The mayor announced that this school year the tests will be administered in April with results being sent out in July, a few months later than in a normal year. It will be the last time that these tests for children entering G&T programs from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade will be taking place as the city plans for a wider approach reaching many more talented kids in the public school system. Students entering the G&T program this fall will be able to finish the program. The Department of Education is working on a more individualized learning plan with digital components for all students for next school year and a more equitable school system, so the timing seems right to the administration to reevaluate this system now.

The DOE will launch a community engagement process with stakeholders to develop a new wider approach to reach more gifted students beyond 2,500 of 65,000 Kindergarteners every year. A new vision will be formulated by September and implemented after.