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DUMBO community issues – MTA town hall for York Street station, petition for Manhattan Bridge noise reduction and proposed bus route changes

Community issues for DUMBO, Farragut and Vinegar Hill are being addressed at upcoming meetings with local authorities including a York Street F Station town hall and proposed Brooklyn bus network changes. Additionally, locals have launched a petition to reduce the noise of the Manhattan Bridge.

York St F Station Town Hall with MTA

Expanding capacity and making the York Street F Station safe is one of the top priorities in DUMBO. It is one of the deepest train stations in New York City, but has only one exit. Join representatives from the MTA and your local elected officials for a York St. Station Town Hall to learn about cost and feasibility options to address longstanding issues. MTA staff will present potential projects and answer your questions on Monday, January 9 from 6 – 7.30 PM via Zoom. Read the meeting recap here.

Petition for Manhattan Bridge noise reduction

The MTA has a noise abatement program, it’s up to us to get Dumbo up their priority list. A group of locals has been in contact with city officials, and their guidance is that residents have to show their concern for the issue – that’s the only thing that will spur the MTA into action. Sign the petition here.

“We are residents of Dumbo who believe that the noise of the trains running on the Manhattan Bridge in our neighborhood is a public health issue that has to be addressed. The levels of noise these trains create is so high and abnormal that it impacts the quality of life for all the residents, local businesses, and visitors, from sleep perturbation to hearing loss. The problem has become all the more acute as our neighborhood has seen a massive increase in its population in the past 10 years – the 2020 census shows a 68% increase in the residential population of Dumbo. This trend continues with over 700 new families coming into new developments such as 85 Jay street, the Olympia building, or 69 Adams street. There is also an increase in the number of local and small businesses and restaurants with outdoor spaces coming into our neighborhood. We are especially concerned for the large number of young children in the neighborhood, who play in the park and are directly exposed to the worst of the noise. We want all the relevant authorities to act, starting with the analysis of a noise report as mandated by the recent state legislation, and followed by practical actions that will reduce the noise to acceptable levels for improved health and quality of life for all.”

Education Center in Brooklyn Bridge Park expanding – share your thoughts

The Education Center in DUMBO is expanding and they need your feedback! Please fill out the survey for the team of the Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign

The Brooklyn Bus Network Redesign has been launched to improve bus travel for Brooklyn riders. The Draft Plan, released on December 1, 2022, reimagines the current Brooklyn bus network. The proposed network has routes, stops, and frequencies that reflect customer priorities. Beginning in January 2023, the MTA will host public events  and workshops to gather additional input from customers and Brooklyn residents. Find out upcoming meetings dates and log in here.


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