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How Speyer is educating the brightest minds of the next generation? We have the answer for you and your gifted child! (sponsored)

Process over product. Empathy and analysis over memorized facts. These are what we emphasize at Speyer. Our accelerated, interdisciplinary curriculum is grounded in the leading research and best practices in gifted education. Yes, Speyer is a school for gifted learners — however the word “gifted” is not the most important part of that statement. Our focus is on the word “learners.” We are passionate about challenging our students every day in their insatiable quest for learning and help them discover who they are as people. Speyer students cover more than geometry, chemistry, and history – they also learn how to collaborate, listen, and be a friend. Because of our intentional K-8 model, Speyer graduates attend and thrive at the top high schools across the city and we send them there braver, kinder, and more prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead. Find out how we do that when you take a tour of Speyer or join us at one of our Open Houses. Unlock your child’s potential at Speyer, the only independent school in NYC designed for gifted learners.

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