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Meet creative Brooklyn mom and physician Dr. Rita Aronov

Dr. Rita Aronov beloved pediatrician at Mount Sinai Cadman Plaza for over 10 years recently launched her own health care venture for children in Brooklyn. Find out about her life in Brooklyn, her children and her new comprehensive psychiatric and behavioral health care services.

Your job title: Physician

Your work in one sentence: Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with common pediatric behavioral and mental health conditions

Your children: Daughter Lily  – 20 yo and junior at Binghamton University, son Jacob – 17 yo and senior at Brooklyn Tech HS, son Benjamin  – almost 14 yo and 8th grader at The Big Apple Academy

Which neighborhood do you live in: Windsor Terrace

What do you love about living in Brooklyn: I have lived here since we moved to the US in 1990. While a huge borough, it gradually became small and familiar. I love having favorite places that I can walk to (Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eats, Werkstatt, Prospect Park). I love running into my patients on the streets and seeing their surprised faces when they see me out of context and don’t recognize me only to realize that their dr is also a “person”. Rockaway beach, Dumbo Carousel, Kings Theater.

More information about your new services: My evaluations of children that come to me for behavioral and mental health concerns are very thorough. Coming from years of practicing general pediatrics (which I love and miss), I need to know about all aspects of their life and health to be able to address their current concerns, as all of it is relevant and related. I evaluate, diagnose and treat kids from early preschool (from about 4 yo up to 21) for school and learning difficulties, hyperactivity/emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD. My treatment approach may include detailed guidance for healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition/healthy sleep/exercise, referrals to therapy/psychological evaluation/neurological evaluation and supportive services when indicated, behavioral activation techniques, mindfulness techniques in the form of slowing the mind through awareness of breathing, medications and/or supplements when indicated, and support for parents. Find out more here.

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