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New public school building with middle school opening in Pacific Park

The 800-seat school at the formerly Atlantic Yards now called Pacific Park is scheduled to open in September 2024 for students in District 13 and beyond. The Department of Education plans to move two existing schools to the building – a citywide public high school called Design Works High School and a District 13 middle school called MS 915 Bridges.

The move of MS 915 Bridges which is currently located at Bklyn Commons in Downtown Brooklyn is scheduled to be voted on in February 2024. The move to the new school building has been well received by the school community and prospective families and is expected to go through. The school has currently 270 students enrolled and will have space for up to approx. 400 students at the new location.

The two schools will be occupying the first six floors and below-ground space at the 664 Pacific Street tower in Prospect Heights. School building features include gym, auditorium and outdoor space.

Middle school admissions in District 13 are unscreened. Students living in or going to school in District 13 have priority to attend MS 915 Bridges. Out of district students can also apply.

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