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Photoville coming back to Brooklyn Bridge Park in June

This free, family-friendly festival brings New Yorkers face-to-face with an abundance of local and international stories captured on camera. Photoville exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park with their classic shipping containers runs from June 3 to June 18 daily from 12 to 8 pm (closed Mondays). The Opening Weekend community celebration on June 3 and 4 will take place at Pier 1, Emily Warren Roebling Plaza and the Harbor View Lawn, where they will have in-person activities, evening programming, and lots of photo exhibitions. In total, there will be over 50 exhibitions all over Brooklyn Bridge Park, 18 of them in shipping containers and the rest of them open air installations.

Highlights for families on Saturday, June 3

Highlights for families on Sunday, June 4

  • 12-5 pm various kids crafts
  • 2-4 pm free pet portraits
  • All day Smorgasburg pop-up

See the full opening weekend schedule here.

5 kid-friendly Photoville exhibits

Autistic Joy

Autistic Joy. Work by Jen White-Johnson. This photo series and exhibition aims to empower and activate change—encouraging families and communities to engage in conversations about acceptance and joy, starting with how neurodivergent children are treated, valued, and seen. This is one Black autistic boy’s journey. In Brooklyn Bridge Park. Presented by Photoville. Photo credit: Jen White-Johnson / Photoville

Nature Preserve

Nature Preserve. Work by Alison Carey. The photographs in Nature Preserve depict an imagined paradise filled with beauty and abundance, creating a fantasy of what could be if humans choose not to destroy the Earth’s ecosystems. In Brooklyn Bridge Park. Presented by Photoville. Photo credit: Alison Carey / Photoville 

South Korea Animal Cafes

South Korea Animal Cafes. Work by Robin Schwartz. What’s for sale at an animal café? Something very precious: Contact. In Brooklyn Bridge Park. Curated by Amy Kellner, Senior Photo Editor at The New York Times Magazine. This work was commissioned by The New York Times Magazine.  Presented by Photoville. Photo credit: Robin Schwartz / The New York Times Magazine / Photoville 

Picturing Black Girlhood

Picturing Black Girlhood. Work by Azariah Baker, Latoya Beecham, Nydia Blas, Jada Bovia, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Savannah Flowers, Zainab Floyd, Deborah Jack, Zoraida Lopez-Diago, Mariatu Mansaray, Stevia Ndoe, Paloma Osborne, Jada Rodriguez, Brianna Sanders, and Scheherazade Tillet. By bringing together iconic image makers, emerging artists, and young photographers, this series restages very intimate Black girl coming-of-age narratives made in the reifying lens of Black women and genderqueer artists, and the real-time experiences and perspectives of Black girls themselves. In Brooklyn Bridge Park. Curated by Scheherazade Tillet and Zoraida Lopez. Presented by Photoville and Picturing Black Girlhood. Printed by Epson. Photo credit: Nydia Blas / Picturing Black Girlhood / Photoville 

Everyday Bronx

Everyday Bronx. Everyday Bronx is an exhibition based on the popular Instagram account that celebrates the daily life and beauty of the Bronx. In Brooklyn Bridge Park. Curated by Cynthia Rivera and Rhynna Santos. Presented by Bronx Documentary Center. Photo credit: Bianca Farrow / Bronx Documentary Center / Photoville 

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