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Application deadlines for 3K through High School published by the Department of Education

Application deadlines for 3K, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Middle and High School have been published by the Department of Education. Families applying to 3K, Pre-K, Kindergarten and Middle School for next school year can list up to 12 different programs on their application and should tour schools this fall and winter.

High School: Current 8th graders and first-time 9th graders can apply. The high school application will open October 3rd and close December 1st. Learn more on the high school admissions website.

Middle School: Current 5th graders can apply. The middle school application will open October 11th and close December 8. Learn more on the middle school admissions website.

Kindergarten: Children who are born in 2019 can apply. The kindergarten application will open December 5th and close January 19, 2024. Families also have the option to include Gifted & Talented and Dual Language programs on their application. Learn more on the kindergarten admissions website.

3-K & Pre-K: Children born in 2020 (pre-K) and 2021 (3-K) will be eligible to apply. Both applications will open January 10th and close March 1st, 2024. Learn more on the pre-K admissions website and 3-K admissions website.

Public talk about Pre-K & elementary school 10/17

In this info session for families considering Pre-K and Kindergarten in private, public and Charter schools in our neighborhood we cover everything you need to know about local zoned schools, un-zoned schools, Charter and private school options, application details and deadlines, waitlists, free universal Pre-K options, languages and dual language programs, Gifted and Talented programs and more. Info sessions are 2 hours long and include digital copies of our Preschool and Charter School Guides. Tickets for our next public talk on Tuesday, October 17 at 7.30 pm here.

Gifted & Talented (Grades 1-4): Eligibility is based on report card grades.More information will be available in the spring. Be sure to sign up for updates here.


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