Meet Yoon, DUMBO local for twenty years and co-founder of Fashion 123, which was created by designers Yoon Chang and Dorit Landau. Being parents themselves and feeling the void in fashion design for the imaginative and savvy kids of today, they embarked on this journey to create an after school and camp program for the fashion minded.

Your job titleFashion Designer, Educator and Co-Founder of Fashion123, a program that introduces children to the world of fashion.

Your work in one sentence: To creatively inspire and be inspired by the people we meet.

Your child/children: My darling twins Anaïs and Colette

What street do you live on: Classic of all american classics: Main Street

Which schools do your kids go to: PS 8

What do you enjoy doing with your children in DUMBO: To laugh and have creative adventures along its many piers! We feel so fortunate to have witnessed the incredible changes that have taken place here since we moved in 1998. We knew that there would be a transformation but never dreamed of  having a green and exciting environment to watch our children play in.

What do you love about DUMBO:  The incredible family community that exists here in Dumbo. Our neighbors are our friends and are kind, honest, reliable and friendly.

What needs improvement in DUMBO: More unique kid friendly restaurants.

More information about your company:  Our company was born from a desire to create a fashion program that isn’t just based in arts and craft. Having worked in the fashion industry for many years and with me teaching at Parsons, Dorit (my business partner) and I felt strongly about sharing our experience as designers with young people. Even relatively young children seem to be intrigued by the technical fundamentals of fashion illustration and design as well as its many creative processes. Fashion123 offers weekly classes and camps at the NY Media Center in DUMBO for children ages 7 to 12 years. Find out more here.