PS 133 located at 610 Baltic Street in Gowanus is a public un-zoned “choice” elementary school that draws 1/3 of its students from District 13 and 2/3 from District 15. The school offers French and Spanish Dual Language Programs where they have open spots in 1st and 2nd Grades for students who speak the target language fluently. They follow the 50/50 model of instruction, where children receive 50% of instruction in English, and 50% of instruction in either French or Spanish. The objectives of the DLP programs are oral proficiency of two languages, the ability to read and write in two languages and to foster cross-culturural communication and understanding.

For Pre-K and Kindergarten the Department of Education assigns seats via lottery within the online application on their site. For 1st grade and up, new students are only accepted into the Dual Language Programs if they speak the target language fluently. The school has seats available for the following grades this fall (school year 2019/2020):

First Grade:

  • Spanish DLP –  Spanish Native Speakers only
  • French DLP – French Native Speakers only
  • General Education (weekly Spanish)

Second Grade:

  • Spanish DLP – Spanish Native Speakers only
  • General Education (weekly Spanish)

School hours are 8.20 am to 2.40 pm. School buses are available from various neighborhoods in District 13 and 15. Prospective parents can contact the parent coordinator Mr. Dickerson or Literacy Coach/DLP Coordinator Dalila Rabsatt for more information and to register their children for 1st and 2nd Grade.

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