Satellite West Middle School M.S. 313, currently located on the 3rd floor of the PS 307 building for 6th to 8th grade, will be moving to the new middle school at 60 Water Street in DUMBO starting in school year 2016/2017. Officials at a public meeting 11/19 unanimously approved the move and re-design of the school.

The new public middle school being built at 60 Water Street also known as “Dock Street building” will accommodate 333 students and feature an indoor gym with basketball court, a science lab and demo room, and a uniquely designed music suite with a classroom, practice cubicles and music storeroom. The second floor of the building will be exclusively used for the middle school with 15 full-size class rooms.

The new middle school will be a STEM science-focused school like PS 307 and will draw students from all over District 13.