At the July 20th hearing, NYS Supreme Court Justice Billings did not grant the Brooklyn Heights Association’s emergency request to halt the construction that began the same day at Pier 6. However, between now and the final argument set for August 4th, she stated that if the developers continue to engage in construction activities before she has ruled on the BHA’s Petition, they will be proceeding “at their own peril” since whatever they build will need to be removed if she rules against them.

Justice Billings also clarified that she will consider the BHA’s request for an emergency halt to the construction again when she conducts the final hearing on August 4th.

According to the permits, the developer plans to build one building with 30 stories in height and 126 residential units. The other building will be 16 stories with 140 units of which 100 apartments will be set aside as affordable housing, and 40 will rent for market rates. It will also include 4,181 square feet of retail.