Oula Maternity Center has opened up on Montague Street providing full-service pregnancy care from prenatal to delivery with midwives and obstetricians on staff. Services at the new medical office with 3 exam rooms and 2 consultation rooms will include pregnancy check-ins, consults, bloodwork, dating sonograms, and specialist sessions  (i.e. nutritionists and doulas). The Oula care team is delivering all babies at the hospital, but is also opening up a birth center in Manhattan those that prefer not to deliver in a hospital, but still be in close proximity to one. Their team is comprised primarily of Midwives and OBGYNs, and they are building a referral network of doulas, lactation consultants, nutritionists, pelvic floor therapists, mental health, and more to support the multifaceted needs of pregnant individuals. They are currently accepting patients via appointment only to ensure that the space is never overly-crowded. They are also cleaning the space continuously throughout the day, and limiting appointments to certain windows of time during the day so that regular deep cleaning can occur.

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